Searsport Elementary School maintains a wide diversity of technology tools to meet students' and teachers' needs.  A total of 70 MacBooks are located throughout the building, while an additional 50 Lenovo Chromebooks are located upstairs for use by grades 3 through 5.  New this year, a cart of iPads will be housed downstairs for use in grades Kindergarten through 2.  All staff are equipped with a MacBook.  Other technology features throughout the school are wireless-enabled LCD projector carts (one per grade level), an expansive LEGO® Mindstorms® robotics collection, a Tandberg videoconferencing system, digital still and video recording cameras, and a 3D printer.

The technology integrator is Geoff Cyr.  He is responsible for aiding in the use of technology by students and adults alike, and finding ways to create deeper learning using technology.  You can contact him by email at  You can also access his website and blog by following the links provided.

You can also access the Kids Tools page for accessing commonly-used websites at school on your home's computer.